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North Avondale has been described as “a beautiful piece of heaven in the middle of the city… a place where you know your neighbors and care about each other.”

Foremost among North Avondale’s attributes are the large, old single family homes with distinguished architectural style, large lots, and stately trees.

Equally important are the people who live in North Avondale.  They are highly diverse racially, socially and economically, but with the common bond of wanting to make the neighborhood and the city in which they live a better place.

North Avondale is also conveniently located in the heart of Cincinnati, minutes from downtown, shopping, schools, religious and cultural institutions.

For more information about this community please click here to download our brochure.

If you are looking to move to North Avondale contact a realtor. If you want to for fun look at a web site that at least separates North Avondale out from other neighborhoods, includes most of the streets and most of the homes check out

Message from the NANA President

Greetings North Avondale Residents!

  Thank you for the opportunity to serve as NANA’s President. I’ve lived in North Avondale most of my life and have great passion and pride for our neighborhood. Serving on the NANA Board for the past two years as Treasurer has strengthened my commitment to help move North Avondale forward.

  I am confident this Board will continue the good work of our previous Board with strategically positioning North Avondale in the context of the City’s new initiatives (e.g., Comprehensive “Plan Cincinnati”), which will involve collaborating and partnering, not only within NA, but also externally with other organizations.

   If you haven’t yet done so, I encourage you to join the movement in any and all ways that you can - attend meetings and outings, join a committee, provide donations and volunteer.  You, collectively, are the most valuable assets of this beautiful gem - North Avondale.


Maura Wolf


Spotlight On

NANA Annual Meeting May 18, 3:00 to 5:00pm
Community Friends Meetinghouse 3960 Winding Way 


No NANA General Meeting on May 13 at 7:00pm 

Membership Committee - New Projects

·We are preparing to make a video to showcase our neighborhood. To begin the process, if you have photographs of resident activities, events, landmarks, attractive housing etc. (Preferably in Digital Format).please call the NANA Office or use the NANA contact form on this site.

·NANA is currently working with the City to replace faded street signs. Please contact Carolyn, 284-2298 if you know of faded street signs that are in need of replacement. Thank you!

Attention Neighborhood Renovators, Investors, and Developers:

  Consider becoming a North Avondale preferred renovator to purchase and renovate properties which we are obtaining from the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) through HURC, Homesteading Urban Redevelopment Corporation. These properties need total renovation from top to bottom and will only be sold, on an “as-is” basis, to preferred renovators, demonstrating financial capacity, ensuring they are brought up to the City of Cincinnati’s Building & Zoning Code Requirements, and agreeing to sell only to owner-occupied purchasers or, in the case of a multi-family structure, to a neighborhood participant with a proven track record for good property management. In the near future, we will have two multi-family structures available. 

If you are qualified and interested, please contact Maura Wolf via the NANA contact form on this site.




NANA Contact Information:


North Avondale Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio  45229-1324

Voice Mail: (513) 401.5356


Facebook Page: North Avondale Neighborhood Association Cincinnati 


Click here to join the North Avondale Yahoo Community online.


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