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About NANA

The North Avondale Neighborhood Association (NANA) is the neighborhood organization active for 45 years.  It is composed of a group of committed citizens dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.  It meets regularly the 2nd Tuesday of each month and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Some of its recent activities include:

· Annual Neighborhood Block Parties

· Mural Engagement Session Click here to view the Summary

· Winter Luminary Walk

· Annual Progressive Dinner

· “ADOPT-A-Plot” project to plant & maintain flower displays in North Avondale public parks.


· Adopt a Class - Pauline Daly

  • Adopted kindergarten class at South Avondale (North Avondale's neighborhood school) 

      -Beautification - Ursula Hassel

  • Care for numerous flower beds and planters in the neighborhood

  • Litter control

· Ecosystem  - Clare Sillett & Pamela Smitherman

  • Work on environmental and water issues (See MSD information under City Resources from August 2012 meeting)

  • Collaborate with neighboring communities to create wild life awareness (coyote issue) and work with the City to understand the applicable laws and monitor any changes

· Health & Wellness -

  • Plan and implement WeTHRIVE! initiatives for a healthier community

· Law & Safety - Michelle Baxter

  • Monitor the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance and problem properties.

· Membership & Social Events - Carolyn Gilliman

  • Promote membership

  • Monitor database & website

  • Plan social events for the community

· Property Code Communication

  • Works on making sure the neighborhood is maintaining the quality expected.

  • Sub committees are Streets & Urban Forestry

●     Rental Housing - Pauline Daly

  • Work with students and landlords on safety and quality property issues

  • Meet on the first Thursday of each month at the District 4 Police Station

· Strategic Planning and Land Use  - Tina Dyehouse

  • Guide, research and work on grants and development in North Avondale with an emphasis on the business district and zoning.

To Sign up click on Contact NANA (on the left) and fill out the form or call the NANA Office at 513.401.5356

List of NANA Committees and their Members

 Picture of NANA event in local park

Our Mission

Actively preserve and enhance the living experience in our neighborhood.

Our Vision

Cincinnati's Best Address: Beautiful homes, Great Neighbors and Civic Passion.

Code Of Regulations (Bylaws)

North Avondale Boundaries Map

Dues letter 2014

Dues Remittance Envelope

articles & Video About NANA or Nana members

NANA PowerPoint on NANA for Chief Craig NANA General Meeting on September 13, 2011

Great report on our neighborhood from local12. on the fire at two homes on Marion in September 2010

North Avondale was that the doorbell

Soapdish: Neighborhood Gem in North Avondale by Casey Coston 3/16/2010


Murder Next Door by Julie Irwin Zimmerman


'Life After' to bring 100 jobs about NA neighbor Jim Amatulli


Petra van Nuis article in the Chicago Tribune Sunday May 18, 2014


President: Hanne Loken Larsen
1st VP: Michael Caporale
2nd VP: Marvin Masterson
3rd VP: Carolyn Gillman
Corresponding Sec.: Dana Winn
Recording Secretary: Nicole Patitucci 
Treasurer: Thomas Wright

Beautification: Beth Ewing
Law & Safety: Michelle Baxter
Neighborhood Issues: John Jones
Rental Housing: Pauline Daly

NANA News Editor: Charlene Morse

NANA Contact Information:


North Avondale Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio  45229-1324

Information Machine/Voice Mail: (513) 401.5356



Click here to join the North Avondale Yahoo Community online.


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