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Coyotes are now all over the United States. For information on learning to live with coyotes, check out these links.

Coyote Infomation.

Learning to Live With Urban Coyotes

Wildlife Conflict Presentation




To Learn more and join: NABA Information and Registration Form


Business Database They are also trying to make a database of businesses (home businesses included) and contact information on interested neighbors. Go to  North Avondale Businesses Contact Form to fill out a very quick and easy form.



Save Historic Properties In north avondale

North Avondale is fortunate to have two properties on the National Register of Historic Places designed by Samuel Hannaford the famous architect who designed Music Hall and City Hall. They are located at 3725 Reading Rd. and 965 Burton Ave. Unfortunately, both are vacant and on the City’s targeted demolition list

Here is an interesting Blog: 965 Burton Avenue

For more interesting Historical Blogs visit the History of North Avondale page.


University of Cincinnati Students partner with St. Bernard and nana to plan for vine and Mitchell development

A University of Cincinnati Urban Design/Planning class included our neighborhood in a project with St. Bernard which targets the business district area surrounding and including Mitchell Avenue and Vine Street in an attempt to draw our neighborhood's strengths and discover our needs as a community and improve that gateway into our neighborhood. To that end many residents filled out the survey. Click here to review the Resident and Business Survey results. See U.C. Article for more information.





Mayor Mallory partnered with Rumpke Recycling and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to create the Mayor’s Community Council Recycling Challenge that allowed our community to earn $100 to promote recycling.


Contact Rumpke Recycling at 242.4600 for a bin replacement.



Dr. Kam C. Wong, J.D., Ph.D., Professor - Department of Criminal Justice at Xavier

To learn more


city municipal code (cmc) chapter 761 - also known as Chronic nuisance premises ordinance City Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 761 - also known as Chronic Nuisance Premises Ordinance - went into effect on January 2007. The Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Apartment Association (GCNKAA) filed a lawsuit against the city of Cincinnati asserting that this ordinance was unconstitutional to landlords. The rationale was that landlords should not be held liable or responsible for the behavior of their tenants or guests of tenants. In December of 2007, the GCNKAA and the city of Cincinnati opted to pursue mediation rather than go to trial. From January 2008 to present the two parties negotiated revisions to the Chronic Nuisance Premises Ordinance that the City Manager, Milton Dohoney, signed off on and is seeking City Council approval.

At the hearing NANA presented the list of questions regarding the City Manager’s proposed modifications to CMC 761 that are public record and will be taken into account when the Law Department prepares its report. 

 Click to view the ordinance  Place 761 in the Search space

 Click to view the proposed changes (changes to the ordinance are underlined)

 Click to view Chronic Nuisance Letter and Information Sheet

Click to view Chronic Nuisance Comparison Sheet September 2011



Local Artists Participate In Essex Studios Art Walk

North Avondale Artists Amy Yosmali (Mitchell Avenue) and over 100 visual artist will have their studios open in an open house format at the Essex Studios on Friday & Saturday, from 6-11pm. Essex Studios, 2511 Essex Place, Cincinnati OH 45206 FREE! Check their website for dates.


August 12 2009 was North Avondale Night at Sonny's All Blues at 4040 Reading Road, 281-0410 Neighbors had a great time at North Avondale's local gathering place!


Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Troop 6788

Girls 14 - 17 interested in travel, community service and exciting events, Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Troop 6788 is accepting applications. Please contact Troop Leader Victoria Evans at 348-8860 or email


NANA Contact Information:


North Avondale Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio  45229-1324

Phone: (513) 221-6166



Click here to join the North Avondale Yahoo Community online.


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