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Useful Links & Safety Tips


Reporting Crime & Suspicious Behavior


Sex Offender Presentation at NANA July 14, 2009 Meeting


A Guide To Home Security


Keeping your home safe during the Holiday Season


How to protect yourself  during the holiday shopping season


Recommendations To Protect Your Home And Property


12 Things You Can Do to

Make our Neighborhood Safe


Report suspicious activity.

Call 911 for emergencies

Call 765-1212 for non-emergencies

Call District 4 for non-emergencies 569-8600

Call 765-1212 if you see a suspicious person or car

Call 352-2960 to simply make a crime report (no police visit). Helps in tracking crime patterns in District 4 and will satisfy your insurance requirements.


Keep your curtains closed at night.

It is better to not let someone have the advantage of seeing into your home.


Keep valuables out of sight in your home and car.

Why tempt someone at all.


Lock all doors and windows.

Why make it easy for someone to break-in.


If you have an alarm, keep it on at night and when away.

It is made to protect you, just use it.


Do not confront strangers!

If they seem suspicious to you, contact the police.


Light up the night.

Turn on all outside lights and keep them on all night.

Install floodlights and lights with motion detectors in your yard.


Look out for neighbors.

Watch neighbors enter their houses after walking or dropping them off.


Cut trees and bushes in your yard.

Those that provide hiding places for potential criminals.


Be present outside.

Walk with your neighbors and friends in the community. Vary your route and get to see new streets.


Drive around.

Take a new route home. Be aware of who is around and what they are doing.



Tell neighbors when you will be away for any extended period so any suspicious activity at your house might be noticed.


Become Involved.

Get to know neighbors all across North Avondale by participating in community activities and organizations such as NANA.


Attend NANA meetings on 2nd Tuesday Every Month

(Except for August), at 7:00 at the North Avondale Recreation Center!

Picture of a badge.

Remember to provide detailed information when contacting the authorities so that they can better assist you.

Click Here for Nuisance Complaint Form



NANA Contact Information:


North Avondale Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio  45229-1324

Voice Mail: (513) 401.5336



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